Fast food worker told Burger King uniform ‘distracting’ to customer’s husband

A Black Burger King employee went on TikTok to address a female customer who allegedly told her that her uniform was “too distracting” for her husband. Lala or @rockefeller.o showed her Burger King uniform on social media, The New York Post reported.

“I had a lady complain today because my work uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband” she said. In response to the customer, La La said: “I guess I’ll leave my ass at home next time?”

The fast food worker ended the video with both middle fingers directed at the angry woman. The first video she posted about the incident went viral on TikTok. In an follow-up video she addressed a comment calling her “an attention-seeking, home-wrecking [n-word].”

“My back hurts from carrying the weight of not caring because I did nothing wrong except wear my uniform and STILL sexually objectified and harassed,” she said. There are few details concerning the incident aside from La La’s side.

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