Shades Of U.S. | Nina Buxenbaum on Being Jewish and African-American

In this episode of Shades Of U.S., producer Darrell Brown interviews Professor of Painting and Drawing at York College Nina Buxenbaum. In her paintings, Buxenbaum shares her interpretation of being a woman with her racial identity of Jewish and African-American, emphasizing a “double identity” style.

Shades of U.S., a CUNY TV Digital Series, is a four-part series containing personal stories of people who explore their multiracialism and journey of self-identification in a time when the country’s population is shifting drastically. Shades Of U.S. producer Darrell Brown is a longtime New Yorker, born and raised, who has always been fascinated with the diversity of the city. As a son of two African American parents, he only understands that side of how he identifies. As part of the audience, Darrell Brown looks to understand what it means for multicultural individuals to find their own ways of exploring their race and self-identification.

CUNY TV Digital Series is a digital incubator creating unique miniseries, each comprised of four short weekly episodes available for viewing on YouTube, Facebook, and CUNY TV’s website, Developed by in-house CUNY TV producers, CUNY TV Digital Series encompasses arts, history, race and identity, the LGBTQ community, women’s issues, and other topics of social impact.



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