Mother speaks out about model daughter’s Delta ad following her death

Harris’s Delta Air Lines ad was one of many high-profile jobs the young model landed which includes her appearances in New York Fashion Week, Project Runway season 17, and the cover of Vogue Knitting Magazine. In 2019, “Unbroken: A Mother-Daughter Journey of Resilience, Faith, and Courage”, a book Stephens wrote about her and her daughter’s faith-based journey to navigating life-threatening illnesses was published. Harris served as a contributor on the book.

Dr. Stephens, who has a doctorate in education posted about the moment in an Instagram post. “Look who was ready to welcome us again, before boarding the plane to come back home, after our long getaway! Yup!,” Stephens’ the caption read. “Her two ads for @delta were on our left and and on our right, embracing us, as we made our way down the corridor to board.”

Harris’s struggle with renal medullary carcinoma wasn’t her first battle. When the model was only 12, Harris was diagnosed with cancer and underwent three leg reconstructive surgeries, a titanium prothesis, and 20 rounds of chemotherapy, according to TODAY.

In a profile with the brand Awe Inspired Jewelry for which she modeled, Harris spoke to the strength she got from her health challenges. “I’m known for having a centipede looking-15′ in. beautiful scar that runs down half of my leg and holds my internal titanium prosthetic limb,” said Harris. “…. my scar is a symbol of strength of when cancer tried to kill me but failed.”

Now Dr. Stephens says she’s focused on living out her daughter’s legacy.

“I thought I had stopped being a mom (when I lost my only child), but I realized I am always going to be a mom, I am just mothering in another realm,” she told TODAY.

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