Former Louisville Metro Police Files Lawsuit Against The Department After He Was Demoted for Saying the N-word, While His Black Colleagues Weren’t

Aubrey Gregory has filed a lawsuit against Louisville Metro Police Department after he was demoted for using the N-word alleging he was being discriminated against.

The former Louisville Metro Police major claims two Black people used the racial slur during a training session but both didn’t receive the same reprimand.

Gregory, who is white and has retired after being shot during a protest, was demoted from major to lieutenant last June after LMPD Chief Erika Shields told Louisville Metro Council members he used the N-word during training in an attempt to make a teaching point that “just went totally south,” according to WDRB.

According to documents obtained by the news outlet, has become the director of LMPD’s Training Academy in March walked in a discussion between two Black men, “regarding the use of a racial epithet” during a recruiting class on “isms,” including racism, sexism, implicit bias and cultural diversity in May 2021.

“One of the individuals was from Africa, and the other was a retired firefighter,” the lawsuit says. “The individual who had immigrated from Africa stated that, when he immigrated to the United States, he had been warned not to use the word because it was offensive.”

One man explained that in his native home, the term wasn’t deemed offensive because it meant Black. That’s when the retired firefighter involved in the discussion said the word had multiple meanings in the U.S. “This individual stated to the class that they had better be prepared because they were going to hear this word in certain communities in Metro,” the lawsuit stated. This is when he allegedly said Gregory “has worked some of these neighborhoods for years; he can tell you.”

Georgy and his lawyer claim he only repeated the word as part of the conversation and proved that the derogatory term could have various meanings. “Yes, you are going to hear [the racial epithet] out there. Sometimes it does mean family or like a kinship of shared struggle, and sometimes it is the most derogatory, disgusting word you will hear. Still, you are going to hear it,” the former LMPD employee said in the suit.

The man says he was advised to retire after speaking to several colleagues. However, no one believed the Plaintiff (Gregory) was trying to be derogatory.” A representative for Louisville Metro Government Human Resources later interviewed Gregory. They claim his version of what happened “matched what other people she interviewed had stated.”

But he was demoted and alleged the other men were never punished. Now Gregory is suing LMPD,  Shields, and Mayor Greg Fischer, according to WHAS11. The lawsuit is seeking a trial by jury, restoration of his rank, and damages for “loss of income, embarrassment, humiliation, and mental anguish.”

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