Policing and Surveillance

Transforming the nature, role and function of policing has emerged as an urgent demand by a new generation of activists. This panel traces the history that got us here. These four authors will consider the global impact and historical roots of policing and surveillance in the U.S.The discussion features authors Victoria Law (Prisons Make Us Safer”: And 20 Other Myths about Mass Incarceration), Marisol LeBrón (Policing Life and Death: Race, Violence, and Resistance in Puerto Rico), Stuart Schrader (Badges without Borders How Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing) and Daniel Chard (Nixon’s War at Home: The FBI, Leftist Guerillas and the Origins of Counterterrorism).
The talk is part of the Schomburg Center’s Conversations in Black Freedom Studies series organized by historians Jeanne Theoharis and Robyn C. Spencer.


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