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Halloween is coming up and it’s time to celebrate with the most spine-chilling moments featuring your favorite characters!

00:00 Bewitched From Season 2, Episode 7 ‘Trick or Treat’
01:00 Fantasy Island From Season 2, Episode 7 ‘Let the Good Times Roll/Nightmare/The Tiger’
03:09 Benson From Season 7, Episode 4 ‘The Stranger’
04:15 Father Knows Best From Season 1, Episode 16 ‘Bud The Snob’
05:50 Charlie’s Angels From Season 4, Episode 14 ‘Of Ghosts and Angels’
07:44 Diff’rent Strokes From Season 7, Episode 1 ‘A Haunting We Will Go’

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ABOUT BEWITCHED: United by love, Darrin and Samantha Stephens (Dick York and Elizabeth Montgomery) may look like a classic American couple, but they have a secret that distinguishes them from their suburban neighbors – ad executive Darrin (Dick York) is a mortal, but Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) is a beautiful witch.

ABOUT FANTASY ISLAND: Imagine a place where any dream, any fantasy, can come true. Such a place exists: welcome to Fantasy Island. Your host is Mr. Rourke, a charming gentleman who, along with his diminutive assistant, Tattoo, will see to it that your island visit is all that you could ever have imagined…literally.

ABOUT BENSON: As a favor to Jessica Tate, family butler Benson DuBois (Robert Guillaume) agrees to help her cousin, the newly elected Governor Eugene Gatling (James Noble), settle into his new mansion. Upon his arrival, Benson is set upon by the belligerent head housekeeper, Gretchen Kraus (Inga Swenson). But the governor’s secretary, the amicable Marcy Hill (Caroline McWilliams), asks him to make himself at home and start organizing the overwhelming chaos. Always independent and the only truly sane adult in the Tate house¬hold., he must now cope with wild and wonderful life in the executive mansion and take responsibility for the Governor’s ten-year-old daughter, Katie. And whether he’s dealing with the weighty affairs of state or the wacky state of affairs in the governor’s household, Benson always remains a loyal and trusted ally to those around him.

ABOUT FATHER KNOWS BEST: The popular radio show comes to life in this hit sitcom about a bumbling family man, Jim Anderson, his common-sense wife Margaret and their children Betty, Bud and Kathy. Whenever the kids need advice on anything at all, they can always turn to their father, because father knows best!

ABOUT CHARLIE’S ANGELS: Intelligent, athletic and streetwise, Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe and Kelly Garrett are three highly-trained cops whose considerable crime-fighting talents were going to waste. But that all changed when mysterious millionaire Charlie Townsend and his assistant John Bosley brought them out of obscurity and into his detective agency. Taking orders from Charlie’s disembodied voice, the trio – now known as the Angels – takes on cases where a unique combination of police training and femininity are the keys to success.

ABOUT DIFF’RENT STROKES: Whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis? Gary Coleman became a child superstar playing the lovable, mischievous Arnold in this comedy series that brought issues of race and class into American living rooms in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The series begins with Arnold and Willis; two African-American brothers from Harlem going from rags to riches, overnight.

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Classic TV Rewind’s Spookiest Moments! | Classic TV Rewind


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