Be Fearless In Your Advertising

A chum of mine is planning a ceremony next weekend and his bachelor party was carried out its inaugural Saturday. He wanted nothing too crazy, just a grillout and a noticeably nightclub after doing that. He began to ask me for points. I thought in my head and something quickly began to mind, the Boogie Nights 80’s dance club in the Hollywood Casino (Lawrenceburg, Indiana). Now you’re asking me why did that spring to mind? The answer is radio selling. I am a big fan of rock music the commission crusher particular station was airing ads in this club too many times per day during the drive home slot (3-7), which typically has the most listenership also.

Due to this suggestion, the club made over $1000 on drinks/food from group. The world is along with more stereo than might imagine. Broadcasting 24/7 365 they are desperate for interesting material for their listeners. Imagine all those potential customers waiting a person. Remember you DON’T pay to get interviewed.

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