How media kills the souls of black people – Health in the black community

Black Excellence, black health: Mind, body and soul.

Dr Boyce is live asking: Is our mental health being challenged by all of these shootings? Nathaniel Jordan, the minister of Wellness, is joined by Dr Alicia Watkins, Dr Latanja Watkins, Dr Charm Tims and Dr Boyce Watkins discuss all the ways that black people are led to be unhealthy.

#BlackHealth is important and our black health experts are speaking about the ways that black people can be healthier, mentally, physically and otherwise.

According to, For many Americans, decisions around wellness and self care include whether they prefer taking a spin class or doing yoga, or which facilities have classes to best fit their schedules. Their pursuit of fitness and being “well” could be viewed as a casual endeavor. For Black people, however, choices around health and wellness are quite literally life and death.
Long-standing health disparities have been on glaring display during the recent coronavirus pandemic, leaving Black people particularly vulnerable. Recent data from APM Research Labs shows the rate of death for Black Americans from COVID-19 is 2.4 times higher than white people, and 2.2 times the death rate of Asians and Latinxs. This is largely due to the social determinants of health that many Black people face, including where we live and work, and the quality of health care to which we have access.

As if that weren’t scary enough, current worldwide protests around racism and police brutality are highlighting the deadly threats Black people face doing simple things like jogging (Ahmaud Arbery), sleeping (Breonna Taylor), or shopping (George Floyd). As the world debates the value of Black lives and Black bodies, the ideas of wellness and self care take on an even more important role.

A 2016 article from U.S. News and World Report declared that “being Black is bad for your health.” Research determined “Blacks get sick at younger ages, have more severe illnesses and are aging, biologically, more rapidly than whites. Scientists call this the ‘weathering effect’, or the result of cumulative stress.” Black people, then, are investing in the practice of physical and mental health not just because we want to, but because we truly need to.

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2019 Stress in America Report, 63 percent of people of color (POCs) say that discrimination has hindered them from having a full and productive life. In the wake of recent news and events, that seems like a gross understatement, particularly for Black people. Our daily experiences include everything from microaggressions at work and constantly being othered, to watching the routine murder of Black people passed around social media. This type of continuous stress has a profound and lasting effect.

Is it any wonder, then, when Black people seek out spaces to practice wellness, that we might be hesitant to go to even one more place where we might be discriminated against, excluded, or questioned?

How media kills the souls of black people – Health in the black community

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