A Conversation with the Filmmakers of “WHO WE ARE A Chronicle of Racism in America”

This livestream features the filmmakers of “WHO WE ARE A Chronicle of Racism in America” – co-directors Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler, alongside the film’s writer and key subject Jeffery Robinson.

“WHO WE ARE” interweaves lectures, personal anecdotes, interviews, and shocking revelations to draw a stark timeline of anti-Black racism in the United States, from slavery to the modern myth of a post- racial America. The film is written by, and features, criminal defense and civil rights lawyer Jeffery Robinson.

The discussion unpacks the creation of the film, it’s reception, and the overall of core message of how we all should examine who we are, where we come from, and who we want to be. The conversation is moderated by Adilifu Nama, Professor of African American Studies LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts.


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